Larry Anderson

 I have been making boxes for over 30 years

Jewelry by Venus

Venus Cramer

Fabrication is my primary style of creating wearable art jewelry. I invent bold and contemporary works using: Sterling Silver, 14 kt Gold, vibrant gemstones and some found objects. I find my organic inspiration comes from nature, and my bold contemporary side is influenced by modern architecture. I am compelled by both ever producing forces.

TLD Design

Tammy Deck

Artist Tammy L Deck creates one-of-a-kind textiles that blur the lines between fashion and art by intertwining fibers, threads and fabric which she transforms through water. Deck’s award-winning work has been featured on HGTV, in books and magazines, and at fine art shows in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Vibrant Bag

Cathy Goodman

Cathy makes earth-friendly handbags and purses for active, stylish women who are making a difference in the world.

I Do Windows by Rettaglass

Retta Henschel

I create unique stained glass. I focus on unusual pieces of antique dishes or agate slices. That focal point is then coordinated or complimented with contemporary glass and soldered together with a decorative solder technique.

Fullsun Collage

Sally Jungblut

Born and raised in Lombard, Sally Jungblut has been artisitcally involved in the community all her life with dancing, singing and now through her art. The new form of collage she creates is made with recycled magazines, acid-free glue, scissors/X-acto knife, and paper. Every piece is found, cut, and put together by hand. This process can either take months or a mere two hours to complete.

Jewelry Design

Nancy Krahn

My process involves hand fabricating techniques in Sterling Silver & 14 K Gold. My designs are organic, lyrical & influenced in part by Art Deco & Art Nouveau . My mission is to create pieces of jewelry that tell a story. I work with many similar design elements from one piece to the next. But each piece is a completely different sum of these parts. Combining elements of past and present, elements from nature, and lyricism / musicality is all about the human experience. We are all that has come before, a part of the present and a uniquely individual sum of these parts.

Megan Lee Designs

Megan Lee

In 2003, Megan began creating designs that tickled her fancy and made her smile. She took a screen-printing class and fell in love with printing her illustrations on clothing. Erik helped her lug stuff to craft shows, organize the early orders, and eventually got promoted to VP of running stuff.

Whimsical Art For the Soul

Valarie Lorimer

"Lover of all things creative" pretty much sums me up. I love creating whimsical works of art on paper or artist panel using pan pastel, ink, and Illustrator markers. I love when my artwork makes people feel happy.

Hand Cut Paper Art

Laura Lynne

I am a hand cut paper artist. Becoming a mom has inspired me to make beautiful, whimsical, bold art for nursery rooms. I also draw inspiration from some of the natural beauty I saw in my childhood, living in a small lake country town in Wisconsin. Each artwork is meticulously designed, and cut out using an X-Acto knife, scissors, or even a hole punch. Handmade, construction, fine art, found, tissue and magazine paper can be seen on the collages. From the seedling of the idea to the finished piece, completion usually takes a few months.

Hooey Batiks

Jill Miller

I've been selling my batik scarves, pillows, wall hangings and clothing at art shows across the midwest for over 20 years. Using melted wax, I paint my designs onto fabric. When placed in a dye bath the waxed areas resist the dye except where the hardened wax has cracked, producing the crackled, spider web effect which is a characteristic of batik. The waxing and dyeing can be repeated as many times as necessary to achieve multiple colors and more varied designs.

Silk Painting

Karen Peck

2D Mixed Media

Cindy Sampson

Cindy was awarded Artist's Choice and Best Creative Re-Use of Materials 2016

In my assemblages, these found objects are combined with paint, wood or other elements to become a cohesive whole. The treasures themselves serve different purposes; it could be the shape, color or texture that wants to steal the show. When I start a new piece, I never know how the story will end. Depending on my mood, anything can emerge: my passion for the environment, our culture or something more serious and dark. I have been an artist all my life but feel that it wasn't until I started this assemblage journey over 20 years ago, that I finally found my artistic voice!

Daisy Bags

Jill Scales

I create one of a kind handbags using fun fabrics and ribbon.


Kelsey Schroeder

Katherine Anne Confections has been creating local-focused sweets in Chicago since 2006. Our hand-dipped truffles, soft honey caramels, and pillowy marshmallows are ridiculously good, partially due to our awesome ingredients. Cream is from a 500-cow herd of Jerseys in central Illinois, and local wildflower honey is used to replace corn syrup. We make everything by hand from scratch, you can taste the love in every bite!

Serena Heirlooms

Estelle Serena

For more than thirty years, I have designed functional woven rugs, expressing myself artistically through my unique flair for color and patterning. Detail insures quality craftsmanship.


Jean Smaglik-Wells

Jean's Clay Studio - Distinctive, fun and functional pottery for everyday use. Plates, bowls, mugs, vases and more. Wedding gifts, pottery for kids, and even pottery gifts for men! I create each piece by hand, one at a time. My stylized Designs are hand drawn and individually carved onto each piece by a process called "slip-carving or "sgraffito." All of my pottery is lead-free, dishwasher, and microwave safe.


Ken Staggs


Mixed Media Mosaics

Staci Sterenberg

Staci Sterenberg is a Chicago based artist working in mixed media. Growing up in rural Michigan, her habits of collecting small trinkets and forgotten objects finally led her to mosaic making. Her methods stem from the desire to create art objects from the discarded remains of cast off materials. She is inspired most by color and pattern and injects her own brand of irreverent and sometimes subversive humor into her work. Staci has worked on private commissions, gallery exhibitions and art fairs, and her work can be found in hundreds of private collections around the world.


Ken Swanson

I make linoleum block prints that are hand-painted. Wide variety of images.

Kinda Nifty Hanged Jewelry

Amy Taylor

Amy was awarded Best of Show 2016

My jewelry: is made of 14k and 18k gold and sterling silver. It is completely constructed (no cast elements) with an emphasis on unique hinge work, gemstone color juxtapostions, as well as found objects such as beach glass and rock. My influences are primarily architecture and nature, and my work is clean and simply executed.


Will Van Dyke

I am artist and have been focusing on pottery and ceramics for the past five years at the Evanston Art Center, but started in 1969. I do functional work for everyday use, and other more sculptural work. I have been inspired by legendary potters Toshiko Takaezu and Warren Mackenzie, among others and enjoy when my work finds its way into the homes and offices of an appreciative audience.

Still Dyeing

Jill Wallace

Beautiful, one of a kind, dyed scarves.

Unique Handmade Silver Jewelry

Lisa Williams

I am a jeweler that creates unique wearable art. I design and construct my pieces with multiple colored sheet metals and wire using traditional metal working techniques including soldering, saw work and etching.


Judy Zeddies

Head of Printmaking & Book Arts department at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, I have an MFA in Printmaking & Drawing from NIU.