Our full slate of artists for 2017.

Wood jewelry boxes

Larry Anderson

Jewelry boxes made from exotic woods, domestic woods and reclaimed lumber. New designs are inspired by Picasso.

micro-batch chocolatier

Katherine Anne Confections

Micro-batch chocolatier in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, creating artisan truffles, caramels, marshmallows & drinking chocolate with fair-trade cacao, and a focus on local and organic ingredients.


My primary style of creating jewelry is fabrication. I use sterling silver, 14kt gold, gemstones and found objects

Venus Cramer

Growing up, my Mother and I did crafty things. She always maintained a "sewing room", and that was a fun place to explore! I took my first jewelry class at Elk Grove High School and fell in love with it. I went on to study Jewelery at College of DuPage and Northern Illinois University. After college, I hit the streets and never looked back, selling my jewelry at juried Fine Art Fairs for over 20 years. Most recently I took a position teaching Metalworking at Harper College.



Molly Cranch

I believe that humans have an innate human need to connect with nature. As a city dweller, painting has become the primary means with which I connect to nature. Painting nature provides spiritual and emotional sustenance in a somewhat hectic environment.

My favorite subjects include birds, complex botanicals, insects and other small creatures. I seek to intuitively understand nature's colors and movements through paint. My characteristic style incorporates gestural brushstrokes, soft patterns, and muted forms. The line between abstraction and realism is blurred, evoking a quiet sense of atmosphere. For me, painting has evolved into a form of meditation.

Fiber Art Wearable

Tammy Deck - TLD Designs

ArtWear for TLD Designs: Fibers, Threads, Fabrics and strings are intertwined, co-mingled, woven and manipulated in water by Tammy to create her magical textiles. Her painterly approach, color manipulations and sculptural shapes distinguish her work within the artistic fashion genre.


One of a kind purses most made from upholstery fabric samples

Jaclyn Gray Design

I create one of a kind purses for women who want style, comfort, and practical use, most up-cycled using upholstery samples; also have classy, fully lined fabric wine gift bags.


Salvaged Depression glass dishes and Silverware combined with contemporary stained glass

Retta Hentschel - I Do Windows

I've been working with glass for 38 years and I'm still thrilled with lighting up a piece of my artwork to see how it looks.
I build my pieces flat and can only imagine a completed piece until it comes to life with light.
Using antique dishes as focal points is my starting point. I cut matching and complimentary glass to create a unique look.
My decorative soldering technique is my signature look. I use it on every piece of art I build.

FB: I Do Windows by Retta Glass

Botanically themed jewelry and sculptures

Sandy James - Of Nature

This jewelry is created from botanical specimens that are electro-formed in copper and other metals. They are bead-lasted and finished with several layers of various handmade patinas and/or illustrated with colored pencils. All work is completed with wax to protect the surface.
This work evolved through my interests in the environment and biology. As a society, we have moved closer to urbanization and farther away from our origins within the natural world. It is my hope that through my art I can reintroduce people to the beauty in nature.


Original design jewelry in Sterling sIlver, 14 k Yellow & Rose Golds

Nancy Krahn Jewelry Design

My design inspiration often comes from nature. I work in series of pieces . A series will have some similar elements in every piece. However each piece is unique and different.
Botanical themes have been prevalent in recent years. From my Calla Lily series that is linear and organic, to my recent very contemporary and minimalist geometric leaf series.
And when the spirit moves me , humorous cat pieces surface!
All my pieces are hand fabricated in Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow and Rose Golds, some with gemstones and pearls.


Hand-cut Paper Collages and Giclée Prints

Laura Lynne

Laura Lynne is a hand-cut paper collage artist living with her husband and son in Aurora, Illinois. She grew up in the small lake community of Pewaukee, Wisconsin and studied art in Madison before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. Becoming a mom has inspired her to make beautiful, whimsical, bold art for her friends and her baby’s nursery room. Each artwork is meticulously designed, and cut out using an X-Acto knife, scissors, or even a hole puncher. She uses a mix of handmade, construction, fine art, found, tissue and magazine paper.


Ceramic Art

Cory McCrory

Cory McCrory is a ceramic artist working in Sandwich Il. She has worked in the arts for more than thirty years. Learning teaching doing. McCrory studied at Waubonsee Community Colleges ceramic program and then taught a number of the colleges adult ed and children classes. Cory has an eye for detail and craftsmanship. An appreciation for the functional and artistic. She has won many awards for her ceramic paper clay work. A number of her teapots are included in the Kamm teapot foundation collection. Cory"s work has been described as "whimsical" and sometimes naughty. Combined with her use of color she creates delights for the hand and eye.
Cory’s work is made with stoneware to which she has added about 10% paper pulp. She uses under-glazes and high temp wire. Work is fired to cone 6.


Hand carved woodblock prints and greeting cards

Kari McDonald - Lemuette Prints

I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2010 with a B.F.A. in Printmaking. I have been developing my work ever since and have come to love the woodblock printmaking process the most. My images are plant based and so are my inks! My printing press is located in an old converted cow barn surrounded by wild fields and prairie plants. The studio there is an old farmstead owned by a man named Lemuel in the early 1800s. Since my work is inspired by the plant life wildly growing there, I named my business after him - with a little feminine flare - to invoke the history of the location and the peacefulness that comes with being away from the city life.


Batik and hand-dyed clothing, pillows, and scarves

Jill Miller - Hooey Batiks

I've been selling my batik scarves, pillows, wall hangings and clothing at art shows across the Midwest for over 20 years. Using melted wax, I paint my designs onto fabric. When placed in a dye bath the waxed areas resist the dye except where the hardened wax has cracked, producing the crackled, spider web effect which is a characteristic of batik. The waxing and dyeing can be repeated as many times as necessary to achieve multiple colors and more varied designs.


Silk Painting

Karen Peck

Artist, author and lover of color; Karen Peck has been creating one-of-a- kind, hand painted, wearable art for the last 10 years. Recently she has expanded into wall pieces to better display her playful imagery and joyful bursts of color.

Ceramics, functional and fun

Mary Recktenwald

My pottery is hand thrown on the wheel, trimmed and altered in some cases and bisque fired. I glaze, decorate and then fire it in a gas or electric kiln. From start to finish, each piece takes three weeks to complete. It is oven safe and dishwasher safe, and I don't make a piece that isn't food safe. I absolutely love working with clay and only wish I had discovered it earlier. My fun pieces are made with a lot of imagination and giggles when I'm assembling them. Some of them I can't bear to sell so I adopt them and keep them around!

breathing new life into old recycled bits and pieces to transform into beautiful art and jewelry

Cindy Sampson

I’ve wore many hats in life: free-lance commercial artist, one of the top folk artists in the world, A mother/grandmother, business owner and wife but being an “artist” is who I really am. I live, eat , sleep and breathe art and I’m very lucky that what I love doing is a very sustainable act. I’m saving wonderful things (some folks call it junk) from going into a landfill.
No matter what you call it…being frugal, making do, thrifty or economical. We all do this in some sort of way, I just have fun with it and MAKE ART!!!


Handbags and accessories using fun fabrics

Jill Scales - Daisy Bags

I manipulate fabric while playing with different textures & colors to create one of a kind handbags. Each bag is hand cut from flat fabric not using a pattern and transformed into a 3-D shape. Traditional techniques of appliqué and quilting are used to give each bag it’s distinct characteristics.


Fiber/Functional Handwoven Rugs

Estelle Serena

For more than thirty years, I have designed functional woven rugs, expressing myself artistically through my unique flair for color and patterning. Detail insures quality craftsmanship.

Ideas spring from imagination and nature. Work begins in my studio choosing a color palette from the numerous bundles of strips cut to my specification by a Milwaukee firm. I start with pieces of 100% new wool or textured fabric. The strips are cut to various lengths creating the pattern and sewn together to form one continuous long chain. This chain of color (weft) is placed on shuttles and then woven on a loom.



Ken Staggs

Lathe turned objects ranging from functional to purely artistic, utilizing domestic and exotic hardwoods (often reclaimed/re-purposed) and other materials.

dynamic and mixed media mosaic in a wide variety of silhouettes

Staci Sterenberg

Always a collector, Staci has gravitated toward shiny objects and forgotten artifacts since childhood. For that reason alone, mosaic is an ideal artistic vehicle for her. She gives a new purpose to the vast array of discarded materials produced in this throw away society while serving to endlessly inspire her. Her tagline reads, “where cast off materials meet their final resting place”. Using reclaimed glass, metal and ceramic bits and shards, one of a kind pieces are made that reflect her passion for folk art, Mexican art, play with words and popular culture.

Linoleum block prints, hand painted.

Ken Swanson

My block prints depict a wide variety of subjects. They range from the simple to the complex in both technique and message. The front door of my refrigerator can be found in my work, as can reflections on the fears of a child gong to bed at night. Inspired by the thinking of others, I have recently been illustrating quotes that have meaning to me. No matter what the image, it is my hope that others might pause, reflect, and find their own meaning in the work that I have brought them.


Hand fabricated silver and gold jewelry with an emphasis on unique hingework!

Amy Taylor Jewelry

My work is entirely hand fabricated in sterling silver and gold with an emphasis on movement, unique joinery and hingework. Gemstones and found objects also highlight my pieces, with an occasional flair towards whimsy!


Honey, Beeswax candles, Natural body products

Three Bees Honey

Three Bees is a small home business committed to bringing quality body products. We believe in true ingredients and natural methods. Our definition of quality products are products not made and manufactured overseas using harmful methods and substandard ingredients. We use natural and organic ingredients that won't cause harm to you or the world at large. In fact we strive for a symbiotic marriage of health benefits and functionality, sustainability and eco-friendly. We offer a wide variety of products from honey, to 100% pure beeswax candles, to body products of all sorts to detox and increase your wellness.


Ice Dyed Scarves

Jill Wallace - Still Dyeing

Jill combines her passion for color, an eye for design and knowing just what will look perfect on you to bring her fun and functional wearables to the show. Each ice-dyed piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Unique handmade silver jewelry

Lisa Williams Jewelry

I am a jeweler that creates unique wearable art. I design and construct my pieces with multiple colored sheet metals and wire using traditional metal working techniques including soldering, saw work and etching.
My studio is filled with natural elements I have collected over the years. My greatest source of inspiration is a box of “metal things,” including found objects, scrap, as well as my own experimental designs, in various stages, which I save and use to spark imagination and evolution.