Our full slate of artists for 2018

microbatch truffles, caramels, marshmallows and drinking chocolate

Katherine Anne Confections

We create our artisan confections completely from scratch in Logan Square in Chicago with a focus on local and organic ingredients. Fair-trade cacao is used alongside Michigan raspberries, Illinois cream, and Illinois wildflower honey.


2d mixed media collage

Jacqueline Bevan - Jewels Botanica

As an artist I find inspiration from nature, its beauty is never ending. Just like original artwork, no two are ever the same. . .constant variances, constant evolution. Over the years I’ve worked with many different media, always focusing on color and texture to develop richness and depth. I love experimenting with new techniques and materials to constantly challenge myself. My 2-D mixed media artwork is comprised of multiple layers collage and acrylic paint. By focusing on birds and flowers, the availability of beautiful subject matter is never ending. Mica flakes and velvet ribbon edges create a sense of luxury.


My intricate renderings require many steps with layers of watercolor, colored pencil and ink on rag paper.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

“Where cultures intersect, I find the common ground of our human experience, while celebrating all that is spirt within each of us. I am a sacred artist, a seeker and keen observer of the workings of the human heart. As I work, I am softly anchored in ritual repetition as hours pass and my painstakingly intricate line work emerges. My work is a living prayer, an alchemy of timelessness and mystic truths, a visual chant, an imagery of song.”


Shadow boxes with ceramic figures, found objects, hand sewn fabric, paint, and forest spirits

Kim Caisse

My current work is shaped by many walks in the woods in the beautiful decay of wild places in my town, especially two former industrial sites that have returned to a wild state. One is an old limestone mine up high on the bluffs, the other a former train yard down low by the river. There are herons, beavers, deer, raccoons, opossum and bats. Every kind of invasive plant that thrives in the midwest is there, along with many native species. I try to capture a sense of awe at nature, and that feeling that you know there are animals in the woods with you that you can't see, though they see you.

Not your usual stained glass. Lots of recycled antique glass and brass items are used.

Alison Fox

An advanced form of stained glass using antique glass and brass inclusions. Each piece is copper foiled, layered and soldered to create a panel. Classic stained glass is used in the background. Most pieces are framed by vintage window sashes. Very 3D in form!


One of a kind purses most made from upholstery fabric samples

Jaclyn Gray Design

Re-purposed upholstery samples become my eclectic yet practical purses & pouches. I believe in upcycling fabric. My fun fabric wine gift bags are meant to be re-gifted, not thrown away. Be Green!


Handmade, functional pottery with an emphasis on stamped patterns & surface decoration.

Gary Jackson

As my ceramic work progresses, I find that I am working within a dichotomy… control versus random. The controlled craftsmanship needed to make my work and the randomness created in the kiln. I work to make the piece as perfect as I feel necessary; hours of controlled throwing, trimming and stamping to complete a form that pleases me. Then I must relinquish control of that piece when I place it in the kiln. I have found that the process of soda-firing my work has forced me to embrace the randomness and appreciate the romance of the firing process. All pieces are handmade and by its very nature a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Botanically themed jewelry and sculptures

Sandy James - Of Nature

This jewelry is created from botanical specimens that are electro-formed in copper and other metals for 10 to 40 hours. They are bead-blasted and finished with several layers of various handmade patinas and/or illustrated with colored pencils. All work is completed with wax to protect the surface.


Contemporary wearable art, made from hand felted merino wool fibers

Laura Kochevar

Making something out of ordinary materials and taking a design from concept to creation through trial and error is a process that feeds my soul. I especially love experimenting with felting and other fiber techniques that are hundreds of years old, giving them a contemporary spin. In the age of "fast fashion", I love to create items that are meant to last and make the wearer feel special.

Most of my garments are reversible and can be worn in a variety of ways (I'm a practical gal). They are also not as delicate as they may appear. Believe it or not, I use an electric sander during the final stages of felting.

Original design jewelry in Sterling sIlver, 14 k Yellow & Rose Golds

Nancy Krahn Jewelry Design

I craft my pieces using hand fabricating techniques in Sterling Silver, 14K Rose and Yellow Golds. These techniques allow me to create clean lines and planes with both strength and delicacy. My designs pay tribute to nature, whether it be a recognizable form , or abstracted so that it is just a suggestion.
The jewelry medium is often thought of as only a craft. My mission is to combine the expressiveness of an artist with the technical skills of a craftsman.
My work is a balance of aesthetic and function.


Mixed Media Paper-cut and Acrylic Illustrations

Laura Lynne

My art is inspired by nature, memories, and dreams. As a child, I was taught to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the natural world. I also like including silly stories in the art, for example, the fisherman who doesn’t know there is an enormous musky underneath his hook.



Colorful and fun hand-dyed shirt, dresses, and scarves for the whole family

Jill Miller - Hooey Batiks

I use melted wax to draw my designs onto fabric. When placed in the dye bath the waxed areas resist the dye except where the hardened wax has cracked, producing the crackled, spider web effect which is characteristic of batik. The waxing and dyeing can be repeated as many times as necessary to achieve multiple colors and more varied designs. All of my batiks are tub-dyed- immersed completely in dye, then boiled repeatedly to remove all of the waxy residue in order to render the fabric soft and wearable. I batik material to sew into pillows, scarves, wall hangings and skirts, and also use clothing blanks as my canvas.


Architectural and nature plein air details and scenes with appreciation for imperfections

Christine Oleson

Christine Oleson is a photographer who captures "plein air" settings of architecture and nature in it's real perfection and imperfection. The details present in everyday life are what Christine captures in her photography. She believes in the power of an image to inspire, relax, motivate and provide a connection to the world. Conveying a sense of place is her goal. Christine only photographs "plein air" settings, never studio or set images and does not alter the image for presentation.

Silk Painting

Karen Peck

Artist, author and lover of color; Karen Peck has been creating one-of-a- kind, hand painted, wearable art for the last 10 years. Recently she has expanded into wall pieces to better display her playful imagery and joyful bursts of color.

Resin & recycled bottle cap jewelry

Jeanmarie Petro - Weenerware

I've always loved the transformation of unwanted objects. Bottle caps just seemed the perfect venue for tiny art. The designs are all highlighted with glitter to give them dimension. Resin is then poured on top to magnify the whole work. Pieces are then backed to be worn.


Pottery that makes your kitchen look like a fun place to be

Mary Recktenwald

My work is all wheel thrown and altered one of a kind pieces. It is all food safe and can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Out of the many items I make, I most enjoy making my “Kiln Kritters,” which very often elicit a laugh from show goers. I have some other new pieces this year and look forward to showing you. Please stop by and visit.

Mixed media/oil/acrylic

Cindy Sampson

I translate the world's beauty, intrigue, and tragedy into art. The best part of the creative process, for me, is cultivating inspiration into innovative designs combining recycled materials, eco dying, painting, and a variety of layering techniques.


Handbags and accessories using fun fabrics

Jill Scales - Daisy Bags

I manipulate fabric while playing with textures & colors to create one of a kind fiber handbags. Traditional techniques of appliqué & quilting are used to give each bag it’s distinct characteristics.



Ken Staggs

Lathe turned objects ranging from functional things such as ice cream scoops to purely decorative objects like hollow forms using re-purposed or salvaged wood and various other materials.

Vibrant mixed media mosaic 2D art, sculpture and jewelry made with reclaimed materials

Staci Sterenberg

Staci has worked in mixed media mosaic for several years, preferring to use cast off materials found in estate sales, thrift shops and alleys to create individual works. Gleaning inspiration form the found objects she's collected, Staci's work is whimsical with an edge. Themes include, love, humor and spirituality in the modern age using silhouettes of hands, eyes, hearts and skulls among others. No two pieces are ever alike and the artist prefers to sell directly to her collectors through exhibitions and events.


Stylish handmade polar fleece hats with hidden earflaps

Kate Strong - Strongwear

My hats reflect my interest in ethnic cultures and periods in history. Using hi-tech fabric for it’s practicality and sculptural qualities, I cut and sew my hat shapes then manipulate and add on to the form; poking holes, hand sewing then stitching with ribbon and fleece.


Linoleum block prints

Ken Swanson

I am a self-taught artist specializing in printmaking. With my hand-painted linoleum block prints, I tell of what I see in my real world and in the universe of my imagination. I am inspired by many great artists (and the not so great) but maintain my own vision and style.


Jewelry made from silver and gold with unique hinge-work and gems!

Amy Taylor

I was born and raised in Evanston, Illinois. What a blessing to be raised in such an enriched arts community! Walking to school was a history lesson. Despite being goofy with friends en route, I did manage to notice all the fantastic iron gates and fences that lined the way...and AMAZING HINGES! It's no wonder I love hinges and smithing metal today!

Currently I live in Glenview, Illinois with my boys, cats, dog and occasional mouse. They all inspire me! One day I hope to keep them all in the yard with my own iron fence and gate...complete with AMAZING HINGES!


Unique handmade silver jewelry

Lisa Williams Jewelry

I am a jeweler that creates unique wearable art. I design and construct my pieces with multiple colored sheet metals and wire using traditional metal working techniques including soldering, saw work and etching.
My studio is filled with natural elements I have collected over the years. My greatest source of inspiration is a box of “metal things,” including found objects, scrap, as well as my own experimental designs, in various stages, which I save and use to spark imagination and evolution.


Acrylic paintings on paper

Naomi Zagt

My philosophy is creativity never dies; it stays inside you and can be awakened by being aware of the beauty around you. The meditative feeling of nature infuses the color and design elements throughout the work. All of the paintings use a multistep process starting with the monotype print. Monotype technique is drawing with ink on plexiglass, running it through a press and the print is embedded in paper. The repeated images of unusual flowers, twisting stems and luscious fruit literally breathes new life into the work. I paint the images from nature using many layers of acrylic paint to bring out subtle color and brilliant contrasts. My process takes time but I love the journey and beautiful juxtaposition of monotype printing and painting.