Our current slate of artists for 2019

Check back soon. As artists register we will add them to this lineup.

Intricate, hand-colored ink drawings, sometimes combined with collage elements, explore spiritual themes, often in nature settings.

Dorothy Bury Shaw

A graduate of the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Dorothy initially taught art and freelanced as an editorial illustrator. Her commercial work was published regularly in Chicago newspapers and magazines.
Now, focused on her fine art, she is deeply immersed in the study of myth, tribal legends, sacred texts and folklore. She achieves a rich, other-worldly quality with her technique, rendering her subjects through the intricate layers of ink, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper. At times she adds collage details. Every line is purposeful, each element is symbolic.She says, “Where cultures intersect, I find the common ground of our human experience, while celebrating all that is spirt within each of us. I am a sacred artist, a seeker and keen observer of the workings of the human heart. As I work, I am softly anchored in ritual repetition as hours pass and my painstakingly intricate line work emerges. My work is a living prayer, an alchemy of timelessness and mystic truths, a visual chant, an imagery of song.”
Dorothy’s work has won many awards and appeared in distinguished exhibits. It hangs in the homes of collectors in Europe, Israel and across the United States. She resides in Downers Grove, Illinois and works from her home studio.


Custom drawn henna designs with all-natural organic artisanal henna paste

Julie Engh

Julie has been using the henna plant to connect with people and with nature for over 16 years, and as a business for 7 years. Henna is more than just a staple in cultural celebrations of many peoples and religions. It is a way of bringing beauty to loved ones and strangers alike for thousands of years. As technology and art have evolved, so henna has evolved by becoming an art medium where nothing is impossible if you can draw it. Julie loves incorporating traditional motifs and modern elements with illustrative designs to create in the moment something meaningful and fun. Her henna paste is always handmade by her with quality natural ingredients, never containing fillers or chemicals.


Beautiful botanically themed jewelry and sculptures

Sandy James - Of Nature

This jewelry is created from collected botanical specimens that are electroformed in copper and other metals for 10 to 40 hours. They are bead-blasted and finished with several layers of various handmade patinas and/or illustrated with colored pencils. All work is waxed to protect the surface.
The concept of this work evolved through my interest in the environment, natural area restoration and biology. It is my opinion that as a society we have moved closer to technology and machination, and consequently, farther away from our origins within the natural world. It is my hope that through my art using botanical specimens, I can reintroduce people to the intrinsic beauty that is abundant around us.


Organic design, often nature inspired. Fine materials and craftsmanship are of great importance to me. My hope is that the designs are timeless enough, craftsmanship fine enough to be passed down to other generations.

Nancy Krahn

I craft my pieces using hand fabricating ttechniques . These include soldering, forming and dapping with anvils and mandrels. Forging and texturing with hammers and chasing tools. Surface treatments include patinas, satin and hi sheen finishes. These techniques allow me to create clean lines and planes with both strength and delicacy. The materials include Sterling, 14k Yellow and Rose Golds, Gemstones and Lampwork Glass Beads.
My designs pay tribute to nature, whether it be a recognizable form, or abstracted to just a suggestion. The past few years I have been exploring more minimalist designs. These pieces I'm referring to as "organic geometry". The inspiration is still floral, and nature, but forms are more simplified into geometric shapes.
Another adventure I've been on in my work is creating things that satisfy multiple functions and aesthetics. An example would be a necklace that has interchangeable parts, can be worn in different orientations, with different color elements.
What is consistent from year to year is attention to detail, craftsmanship, 3dimensionality,and artistic expression . As a jewelry craftsman I want pieces to be wearable and functional. As a jewelry artist, I want to tell a story, be evocative, and sculptural. My goal is a balance of aesthetic and function.


Hand fabricated nature-themed jewelry from salvaged copper and other resourced materials

Julie Marie

Eclectic Redesigns creates one of a kind sustainable art jewelry. All the jewelry is hand fabricated in our studio using a primitive metalsmithing process, which is all crafted by hand and uses no machinery. This process is something I have developed over the years as I have worked with different metals. Each piece can take anywhere from one hour to three days to create, depending on the intricacy and size.

We specialize in creating casual, everyday, affordable jewelry pieces from salvaged metals and found objects, such as vintage tea tins, salvaged copper from a sheet, pipes, and pneumatic lines, and antique beads.

As artists, Eclectic Redesigns prides itself on bringing awareness to the importance of handmade art as well as conservation and recycling in fashion.

ceramic art functional and sculptural

Cory McCrory

I make hand built, textured and brightly colored functional and sculptural ceramics. Sweet to snarky, but always loving. Many call it whimsical.


mixed media

Cindy Sampson

I translate the world's beauty, intrigue, and tragedy into art made from recycled materials, eco dying, oil and acrylic paint, and a variety of layering techniques.


Uncommon art prints inspired by pop culture

Chhaya Shrader - Lucky Skye Graphics

Lucky Skye Graphics' original artwork is inspired by pop culture, literature, science, and animals. Art prints, framed prints, and wood blocks will be available..


Vibrant mixed media mosaic wall art and jewelry made from reclaimed ceramics and glass

Staci Sterenberg

Staci Sterenberg is a Chicago based artist and educator working in fiber, sculpture and mosaic. As a collector, Staci has always gravitated toward shiny objects and forgotten artifacts and ephemera. For that reason alone, mosaic has become her preferred medium Constantly inspired by the discarded materials produced in our throwaway society, Staci claims her studio is “where cast off materials meet their final resting place”. Using reclaimed glass, metal and ceramic bits and shards, her work explores identity and power using images of the body juxtaposed with the shattered remains of man-made materials. Staci holds a BA in Studio Art from Michigan State University and her Master’s in Art Education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Staci has been a teaching artist for nearly two decades to students of all ages.

I work with mixed metals to create nature inspired tiles and panels for the wall.

Vinnie Sutherland

Using an etching press and working by hand I employ repousse, embossing, and engraving techniques, to create panels and tiles for the wall. I work with pewter, copper brass, ceramic, stones and sticks. My work is inspired by all that surrounds me and my subject matter consists of the forest leaves and blossoms.  While I endeavor to explore this world even more intensely through my art I keep in mind the vision expounded by the artisans of the Arts and Crafts Movement--that moral and spiritual uplift will come with the creation of Art by Hand.

Hinged Jewelry in Silver and Gold!

Amy Taylor

Jewelry with an emphasis on movement and mechanism! I emphasize unique hinge-work with a certain element of the "un-hinged"...wee bits of humor scattered in the mostly quite serious spread of art nouveau-esque hand fabricated silver and gold jewelry. I use gemstones but throw in an occasional found object 🙂


Colorful Stoneware Pottery with hand carved imagery.

Jean Wells

Jean's Clay Studio - Distinctive, fun and functional pottery for everyday use. Plates, bowls, mugs, vases and more. Wedding gifts, pottery for kids, and even pottery gifts for men! I create each piece by hand, one at a time. My stylized Designs are hand drawn and individually carved onto each piece by a process called "slip-carving or "sgraffito." All of my pottery is lead-free, dishwasher, and microwave safe.


hand made unique silver jewelry

Lisa Williams

I like to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry that each person can wear to express their individuality.